Design Thinking for Libraries Reading List

We’re often asked to recommend readings about Design Thinking, so we’ve
crafted this Design Thinking Reading List as a starting point. Email us to let us know if
you'd like to add anything to our list:


Library Service Design - Joe Marquez and Annie Downey

Innovating for People - Luma Institute

Change by Design - Tim Brown

Creative Confidence - Tom Kelley and David Kelley

Exposing the Magic of Design (great book on synthesis) - John Kolko

101 Design Methods


Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation

The Myths of Innovation

Leader's Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills

Badass: Making Users Awesome


Design Thinking Origin Story

Design Thinking Comes of Age

Library User Experience Community Articles

Tools and Toolkits

DT for Educators

The Field Guide to Human Centered Design

Luma Institute Human Centered Design Planning Cards

IDEO Nature Cards

Circular Design

D. School Resources

Developing Clarity: Innovation in Library Systems -The Knight Foundation