In this series of audio recordings, designer and researcher Julka Almquist interviews a patron at a public library (in the U.S.) in order to learn more about his experience with printing.  The interview was for a larger Design Thinking project about how to improve the printing process for patrons. The recordings include an introduction to an interview, an example of an interview, and a debrief of it. We hope this series will both educate and inspire you to conduct similar interviews in your libraries. 

1. The first recording is an introduction to how to do an interview, how to prep for it, and what to expect. 


2. The second is an interview where Julka learns about the patron, follows him through the process of printing, and asks him for feedback about his experiences. 


3. The third track is a discussion of the interview learnings to help you understand how to begin interpreting what you have learned, and to think about next steps.